Letter of Appointment Specimen


Date: DD/MM/YY

T. O. Lee Consultants Ltd.
Toronto, Canada.

Dear Mr. Lee,

ABC Company Ltd., Hong Kong v. XYZ Bank, China

We hereby appoint your firm to provide expert services detailed as follows:
(Please select only those services package(s) that is/are needed)

  1. To provide Expert Report/DOCDEX Request/Answer Services Package dealing with the issues involved in the captioned disputes.
  2. To provide Negotiation/Mediation Services Package aimed for amicable settlement with the parties.
  3. To provide Expert Witness Services Package in litigation.
according to your Quotation dated DD/MM/YY and Terms of Engagement as stipulated in your homepage http://www.tolee.com, which are fully understood and agreed by us and also binding on us.

In accordance with your Terms of Engagement, we are going to remit on DD/MM/YY by T/T (or SWIFT) to your indicated bank account the sum of HKD/CAD/USD (Amount) being 50% deposit on the amount quoted by you.

Best regards,

Yours sincerely,
For and on bahalf of
ABC Company Ltd.

Authorised Signature(s)

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