Case Studies on
International Trade Finance

(T. O. International Trade Seminar)


We are now already in an IT (Information Technology) era. Compared with the last decade, traders today are much more knowledgeable on the sophisticated trading techniques, such as transport, insurance, trade law and conventions. In a down market, parties may exploit on the grey areas of the international trade rules to deny obligations. As a result, international trade disputes increase at an alarming rate. Sine 1994, there are many new rules being introduced by the ICC in international trade finance, such as the UCP 500 for documentary credits, the URC 522 for documentary collections, the URR 525 for bank-to-bank reimbursements and the DOCDEX for resolving L/C disputes. Despite efforts by ICC to make these rules clear to parties using them, there are still a lot of different interpretations on the same article of these rules, creating more disputes. Some of these disputes end up with the courts of law, which give judgements solely based on rigid legal interpretations, not adhering to the time tested trade customs and practice, The "Glencore" case of U.K. on "originals" is a typical example.

As a banker, in order to play your part well, you have to learn from famous court cases as well as from the course leader's private cases selected carefully from his consultancy file. These case studies offer the best opportunity to learn in depth the underlying principles attached to the articles in these new ICC rules and their implications. Only then you can be ascertained of your own position in a dispute and make the right decision for your bank.


Key Topics

Part I Case Studies on the UCP 500 Rules

Part II Case Studies on Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements under the URR 525 Rules

Part III Case Studies on Documentary Collections under the URC 522 Rules

Part IV Case Studies on the ICC Disputes Resolution under the DOCDEX Rules


Designed For

International Trade Finance Officers and Managers in Banks Risk Management Managers in Banks Legal Counsel in Banks

Course Leader

Mr. T. O. Lee, FAE, MCIArb, MITD


Three-day workshop

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